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Azure AD onboarding - auto-send invite

As we have moved from onprem AD to Azure AD, we would like to onboard users by automatically sending out invites when new users are added to Xink from Azure.

It would help also if the invites could have a longer expiry, as user account creation happens long before user get's his or her computer and needs to add the access code to Xink.

  • Hi Are -

    The invitation email method is typically used during trial, for small companies without IT resources or for non-domain connected users.

    You cannot deploy the Xink client unattended via Intune, GPO, SCCM or other deployment tools that are able to deploy an MSI?

    Learn more about the different methods:

  •  Hi Jesper,

    Valid questions. We will get Intune after dropping AD and going AAD, but as we mostly have Macs, that doesn't work out well. We are using JAMF to manage our Macs.

    Of our total 950 users I would venture that 75-80% are Macs.


  • Got it Are -

    We are preparing a guide for unattended deployment to Mac OS using Intune.
    Ping us when you are ready and we'll help you connect your Mac users without any end-user interaction - Thanks.

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