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Allow xink client auth via SSO vs Access Code

When a new user joins an organization, an administrator must log into xink and send an invite via email. For organizations with BYOD devices, we are hoping that Xink could update the xink client to support account lookup via SSO instead of needing an invite code. This feels like an option that would work very well for many customers, similar to the admin login to the portal with SSO. It also would allow organizations with email signatures on non-company computers to more easily authenticate their users so they could install the client, and log in without an administrators input.

  • Hi Eric - 

    Small companies use the invitation email method you refer to because it's non-technical (or non-domain connected users).

    You can deploy the Xink client unattended without any interaction by the end-users.

    The deployment method most clients use today is Intune (Windows/Mac), but you can use other techniques that can handle the MSI package (e.g. GPO, SCCM, etc.).

    Do you need help with Mac or Windows unattended deployment?

    Then I'll ask our Widows or Mac team to reach out - Thanks.

  • Hi Jasper,


    Two issues on this side: We don’t have intune, and we also have a lot of BYOD devices. Hoping you guys will still reconsider. I really think this could help more organizations so they wouldn't even need intune.



  • Hi Eric - 

    Since you suggest SSO authentication, does it mean that the BYDO devices are domain connected?

    Thank you for a quick update.

  • Hi Jesper,

    The BYOD devices are NOT domain-joined, but users authenticate with their Azure AD credentials to access all network resources and licensed programs. We're hoping for a way to make a xink installer available without an admin needing to get involved. As new hires join, they could just download the xink installer from our resource portal, and then sign in to get their signatures pushed.


  • Hi Jesper,

    With the new Outlook Add-In, we are no longer finding a need for the client app, so this is no longer an issue for us and the request can be closed.


  • Thanks for the update Eric

    Jesper Frier

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