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Fully serverside deployment with signature in design mode email


Can you please create fully serverside with the abillity to see the signature in design mode of new email. We have customers who wants to automate, and not manually add markers in mobile devices to replace it with an signature. We have tested it with fully server side, but then we get double signatures. So if we can manage to filter out 1 signature we are at an succesfull stage.

  • Hi Friso,

    Server-side signatures are not designed to appear as users compose email. This is technically impossible. They are made to replace mobile signatures or support fully-server-side if clients choose not to install our Xink client. Everything happens during transport so there is no local control on a mobile or machine to make the signatures appear during email composition.

    On the other hand, we have the Xink client which allows signature to appear as you compose because it is all handled locally.

    For now, the clients' options would be to either go for client-side which means they will have to install Xink Client or go Fully-server-side so all email gets signature applied after it is sent without installing any application, and lastly a combination of both where you install Xink client to handle signature for Outlook on Windows with Server-side enabled to take care of mobile signatures.

    You may book a session using the link below if you need further discussion over this matter.

    Have a nice day ahead.

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