Include a "legal disclaimer" module

We work for an international organization with employees in every part of the world.
We have to deal with many disclaimers, which sometimes take also quite some space in the signature.

It would be great if you could create a separate module, with the same functionalities of the signature template (use of Fields, HTML, Liquid, and, possibly, targeting rules), which always sits at the end of the signature, and does not require tracking and scheduling.

This way, we would be able to better optimize the targeting of disclaimers and, at the same time, allow campaigns created with campaign rules to sit one step above and be more visible.

  • Hi Francesco -

    Will the standard Microsoft Exchange functionality work for you? (See below)

    The disclaimer is added as the email is sent, and you can segment via rules.
    And you prevent the end-users from changing the content.

    By using the standard functionality for the disclaimers, you release the rules for your campaigns.

    Organization-wide message disclaimers in Exchange Online:

    Thank you for a quick update
    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Kasper,

    thank you very much for the proposal.
    However, I see some issues with it. In particular:

    -As I understood, the disclaimer would be automatically appended to all emails (provided some conditions, i.e. Country).

    However, we would the disclaimer to be appended only to the "Default" signatures and not to the "Reply" signatures.

    -Furthermore, in most cases, the disclaimers will need to automatically display information about specific legal entities. This data is available in Xink via fields.

    -At last, I think we would miss the centralisation and automatization features that we are looking for in Xink.

    If you could develop the described feature, I believe we and many other companies will benefit a lot out of it.

    Best regards,

    Francesco Seraghiti

  • Hi Francesco - 

    We've implemented a disclaimer tag that will allow extra flexibility when running rule-based campaigns together with disclaimers. 

    Learn more.

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