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Apply Signature according to a string in the email body

Just starting to use Xink, so far so good, just had a feature request which we had with the previous provider.

which is able to apply different signature according to a specify string in the email body.

For example I have A and B Signature for 2 company that I work from.

If I put an word say use A in the email body then it will apply A signature, same if I put an word say use b in the email body then it will not apply A signature but apply B signature

At the moment my client have to get the Xink client install to get the different signature

  • Additionally, users on mobile devices would be able to choose their signature based on a short string somewhere in the email body.

  • Thanks for your input James - 

    Your request will require a change in the email client or applying the email signature at the server (via re-routing of your company emails).

    I assume you use two different domains - Correct?


    When using Outlook on Windows, the user can select the mailbox and then the signature automatically shows > Learn how > Go to the User Mailbox section:

    The Xink client you can centrally deploy via Intune, GPO, SCCM or other deployment tools that can handle an MSI > Learn more:

  • Hi Jesper,

    No for this example, my client has two domains, but one of them are just an Aliases, so on outlook, there is only one mailbox.

    so they cannot select mailbox.


  • Hi James -

    Can they select in From as I show you below in my Outlook:

  • Hi Jesper,

    No they can't select from.


  • Hi James -

    Is your signature A and B using the same email address then?

    Please show examples to help me understand - Thanks.

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