Apply Signature according to a string in the email body

Just starting to use Xink, so far so good, just had a feature request which we had with the previous provider.

which is able to apply different signature according to a specify string in the email body.

For example I have A and B Signature for 2 company that I work from.

If I put an word say use A in the email body then it will apply A signature, same if I put an word say use b in the email body then it will not apply A signature but apply B signature

At the moment my client have to get the Xink client install to get the different signature

  • Additionally, users on mobile devices would be able to choose their signature based on a short string somewhere in the email body.

  • Thanks for your input James - 

    Your request will require a change in the email client or applying the email signature at the server (via re-routing of your company emails).

    I assume you use two different domains - Correct?


    When using Outlook on Windows, the user can select the mailbox and then the signature automatically shows > Learn how > Go to the User Mailbox section:

    The Xink client you can centrally deploy via Intune, GPO, SCCM or other deployment tools that can handle an MSI > Learn more:

  • Hi Jesper,

    No for this example, my client has two domains, but one of them are just an Aliases, so on outlook, there is only one mailbox.

    so they cannot select mailbox.


  • Hi James -

    Can they select in From as I show you below in my Outlook:

  • Hi Jesper,

    No they can't select from.


  • Hi James -

    Is your signature A and B using the same email address then?

    Please show examples to help me understand - Thanks.

  • Hi Jesper,

    Yes, both A and B signature is using the same email address.

    At the moment my client has the Xink client installed, so they can choose which signature to use. but instead of getting the client to choose, they used to write a little text in the body, then the signature system will look for the text in the body, if it is A, it will apply A signature, if it is B, then it will apply B signature

    Hope this make sense.


  • Thanks James -

    I believe your client is not used to see the signature as they compose the email.

    Instead of writing "Signature A" in the body, the user right-click the default email signature to select among the OPTIONAL signatures (100% flexible and not relying on certain text strings):


  • Hi Jesper,

    You are correct, my client don't usually see their signature, because this is how Exclaimer does their.

    Fully server side, doesn't matter which device they sent the email from, they put a little text in the body of the email and the system will apply the correct signature.

    I am thinking what if my client sending email using their mobile device? there is no selection of signature that they can choose right? so it will just the default one we set in the portal.

    This will work best while using fully server side.

  • Hi James -

    The functionality I show you above is for Outlook DESKTOP and Outlook on the web (with the Xink add-in installed).

    When you use the Outlook app (iOS/Android) or Mail app (iOS), and want the same functionality, it require server-side configuration.

    Currently, we automatically add the default/reply email signature via server-side.

    I understand you request now. 

    You want to use server-side email signatures and give your mobile users an option to use different email signatures (not only the default/reply) when using Outlook app (iOS/Android) or Mail app (iOS).

    Thanks for your input
    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper,

    Yes, you are right. This should also work without Xink add-in client installed on each PC.

    so it can be fully server side.

  • Hi Jesper,

    If you understand, is this a possible feature that you plan to put in?


  • Got it, James - 

    It's possible to implement rules-based on text strings in the body.

    We already do it with Mail on iOS because it's the only way since the Mail app (iOS) sends in Plain Text format.

    We added the rules at our backend for all major language variations of 'Sent from my iPhone'.

    We priorities based on the number of likes suggestions receives. This way, the clients help with priorities.

    During demo's, the input we receive is that almost all business users want to see their email signature as they compose their emails.

    Those that accept server-side signatures do it because they don't know there is an alternative method.

    Let's give your suggestion more time to collect likes.

    I can help with a quick demo (30 min.).
    During the demo, you learn about the current deployment methods and how to meet the business requirements > Ready to join a quick demo? (Then I'll send you a PM)

  • Hi,

    We have a similar request.

    We want to use it to choose a different signature based on a language.

    This way we could send a signature from our ERP system in the language of the receipant just by adding a string.

    I would say it could work the same way as the request from James.

    Kind regards,


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