Multiple filter by group regular expression separated by semi-colon (;)

Hi Team, I'm using currently the filter by group using a regular expression, however I need not only all the City groups (^City.*All$). I also another group with a complete different name. How can I manage this?

  • Hi Ronie - 

    Please show examples of how you do it today and what's missing, please - Thanks.

  • Good morning Jesper,

    To import all users in Xink, I make use of AD Group "GEA All", however, this is a nested group, that's why I use the regular expression to import the lowest level, all City groups: ^City.*All$ (i.e. "City Bakel All", "City Soeborg All" etc).

    Due to several issues, there are still a large group of users who are not a member of any City group. This will be solved hopefully overtime, but for now we have to live with it. That's why I would like to import those missing users in another way (completely different group). 

    It would be very helpful if if would be possible to add multiple regular expression like you can do with the normal filter by group. 

    Or what also could help is that you can use both: filter by group AND filter by group regular expression. 

    Then I was thinking another option, not sure if that's possible: We have the TEST environment. Could we use this environment where we create the same signatures as in production and import the missing users in there? 

    If you want we can do a call somewhere today. I'm in the office until 15:00.



  • Hi Ronie - 

    Yes, let's setup a quick Q&As > Since this is a public post, I'll provide my single-use link here > Pick my time slot (30 min.).

    I have slots available next week - Have a great weekend.

  • Hi Ronie - 

    A quick meeting summary:

    Approx. 1,000 users are missing because City is not yet updated.

    Try and combine the Client-side filter with the Group Regular expression:


    If the above filter does not meet your requirements, then the workaround is to use your MANAGED ACCOUNTS and pull the missing users into that account.
    You copy/paste the templates (HTML source) and rules from one account to the other account.

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