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Send email with signature preview

Hi Team,

Would it be possible to send an email from Xink to selected users containing a preview of a selected signature template. This would be very helpful in preparing a rollout of a new signature layout, which will give the end user the opportunity to check the content upfront.

  • Hi Ronie - 

    There's an easier process which also show how the signature looks in the email clients.

    You assign the signature as OPTIONAL to the person(s) that need to approved it.

    They right-click their default to select it and approved it (you can even describe the approved process in the signature template so they see it when they select it).

    Will this work for you?

    Thank you for a quick update
    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper,

    The preview we've created contains links to refer them directly to the correct area where they can change the data (WorkDay, Service Now, Intranet). Problem: when user clicks on link in signature preview,  the user is not automatically switched to Edge. 

  • Hi Ronie -

    In which template can I find the link you created?

    Then I'll quickly check to get a better understanding.

  • Thanks Jesper, please check: Test your new GEA Unified Email Signature!

  • Hi again Ronie -

    I checked your template links and found that you use redirected URLs.
    Redirected URLs is NOT Best Practice as most antivirus systems will block, change or filter redirected links.

    Try and use links that do not redirect or use a service to shorten your URLs, which are not changed by your antivirus (and recipients).

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