QR code creation

Would be nice to have the system create an option for the system to generate a QR code that users could have the option to include in their email signature.

  • Thanks for your suggestion Michael -

    In email you use links to point the recipients to a specific page.

    Please explain in more details on how you see that a QR code would help your email recipients - Thanks. 

  • I second this recommendation. QR codes are a sophisticated way to digitally share information in a contactless way which is highly relevant during the pandemic. Specifically, as it relates to email signatures, I'm thinking about a vcard QR code. 

    The email recipient can scan the code with their phone's camera and a contact card is loaded with name, title, phone, etc pre-populated. In just one click they save it right to their contacts. It eliminates the need for copy/pasting (or adding a vcard attachment) in order to get added to someone's contact list.

    QR code generators are ubiquitous but to get tracking you usually have to pay. The parallels in the contact information we are looking to share and the tracking capabilities we are seeking made me immediately think of xink.

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