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I work for a group of businesses which all have their different identity. So i have 2 email addresses, 1 for Swiftpak and 1 for Haiken. In Outlook I can combine my inboxes and calendars in 1 outlook app, but in Xink I can't yet specify that my haiken email should show the haiken signature and for my Swiftpak email it should show the swiftpak signature. The only way to do this is to every time manually chosing from the dropdown instead of it automatically recognizing. 

  • Hi Tanya -

    Do you have a mailbox for both Swiftpak and Haiken in your Outlook DESKTOP on Windows?

  • Yes I do have two mailboxes

  • Hi Tanya -

    With two mailboxes you set DO NOT CHANGE in Xink (individually or via rules):

    1) New = Do not change
    2) Reply = Do not change
    3) Optional = Select Swiftpak + Haiken email signatures

    In Outlook (one time set up by the Outlook user):

    4) Select Mailbox for Swiftpak
    5) New = Swiftpak
    6) Reply = Swiftpak

    7) Select Mailbox for Haiken
    8) New = Haiken
    9) Reply = Haiken

    You can now select your two mailboxes in Outlook and the new/reply signatures are show automatically (and the Xink client will not overwrite because you set 'Do not change').

    Does it meet your requirement?

    Learn more:

  • That is awesome! All working as expected :) Thank you so much for your help

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