Remove central deleted signatures from outlook


We also allow our employees to maintain their own signatures in Outlook.

If you delete a signature centrally, it remains in Outlook. The employees then have to delete it manually in Outlook.

It would be a great functionality if central deletes also work when "Delete signatures not set as default/reply/option" is not selected.



  • Correct Daniel -

    The only way to delete an email signature (currently) is using 'Delete signatures..." setting in Preferences menu.
    When you select "Delete signatures..", you enforce a company policy and make sure that users can only use the signatures they get from Xink.

    You want to allow staff to create and maintain their own email signatures? Without any requirements to the use of logo, styling, colors, etc.?

    You can add extra flexibility in a controlled way by allowing certain details to be updated by the staff themselves.
    Then you control the styling, and the staff controls the content (e.g. sign off, LinkedIn, Twitter, 2nd job title, etc.)

    And then you can select "Delete signatures..." settings and get rid of renamed signatures.

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