Mobile device signatures

At the moment the only way to deploy signatures on mobile devices is thrue serverside or using custom webmail shortcut.

Problem with server-side is that the whole organisation has to be configured that way. Maybe it is possible to create this on a per user base, because not everyone needs signature on their mobile device. And the disadvantage of serverside is big, because there is no signature during designing an email.

Solution could be that during new mail (outlook) normal procedure is working, and only at mobile devices serverside is working.


  • Hi Friso,

    Thanks for reaching to us. We are currently doing just the way you described it by just using Server-side(Not Fully Server-side).

    Xink Client can handle Outlook signatures and Server-side should handle only mobile. 

    Just don't enable the Fully-Server-Side setting at the bottom of your O365 Server-side integration settings. 

    If it's not clear, let's have a quick call. :)

  • FYI Friso - 

    It looks like Microsoft started to launch the sync to their Outlook app (iOS/Android):

    We expect many clients will move from Mail app (iOS) to Outlook app (iOS) during the coming month and this will change the need for server-side.

    In the meantime, we can help you filter users that get their email re-routed (use e.g. the link Waylord provided above).

    Learn more about Outlook roaming signatures:  

    Jesper Frier

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