Xink Settings via MDM and Update Interval

For us, it would be very helpful if we could change the automatic update interval of the signatures in the app. The "every 5 minutes" setting creates unnecessary background noise on the network here - once or twice a day or optionally hourly would be helpful optional settings. It would also be cool if we could pass the settings (including code) directly to the clients via MDM (e.g. Jamf). Then the user would no longer have contact with Xink but everything would work automatically.
  • Hi Jens -

    Your account frequency setting is set to 4 hours - Do you see updates every ~5 min.?

  • I'm talking about the settings inside the Client-App (see picture). We also get the Notification that the Signature was updates every 5 minutes … annoying (even when "Notify me" is off). And btw. it would be great if you can modify the menu-icon to be transparent (right now it has a white background)

  • image

  • Seems like the Screenshot uploaded is lost …

  • Got it Jens - 

    I can see that you use Mac.

    Leave unselected and your Mac will ping for updates every 4 hours as per your account settings.

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