Add Custom Logo Field to Employee Export

I am looking for a way to identify the profiles which are using custom logos that have been uploaded to their profile. If this can be added as a field on the export that would be really helpful - ideally the file name (i.e. teamlogo.jpg) shows in the report. 

  • Thanks for your suggestion Laura - 

    In EMPLOYEES menu you can download to Excel (or Sheet).

    In Excel it's easy to find users that uploaded their custom logo.

  • Hi Jesper, I have downloaded that sheet but don't see a column that identifies the custom logo. Please direct me to the column name where I can find that. Thanks. 

  • Hi Laura - 

    It seems the Excel does not include your two Image Fields (Photo + Logo)

    Will filtering Tagline = true work for you?

  • Hi Jesper, The Tagline field is one that we added manually and update manually, so it would not necessarily be reflective of our logo (or photo) image fields. I am asking to have the export reflect the image fields from the database based on what has been uploaded to the profiles within Xink. Thanks. 

  • Hi Laura - 

    FYI - Both your Image Fields (Photo and Logo) are also manually updated - Your staff are not allowed to upload themselves:

    We registered your feature request at this point: Include Image Fields in the Excel download.

  • Understood that they are manually uploaded by our admins. However, the tagline field is just not aligned with the image fields - so adding them to the report would helpful as it's own data set, especially if it can reflect the image name in the export. 

  • Hi Laura -

    You can now download EMPLOYEES data and include images > Have fun! :)

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