Add feature that allows option to manually add someone to XINK and not be deleted.

We currently have little "mini" company designations within our one company.  We are using XINK for one of the "mini" companies (ADI) and have an AAD integration that specifically pulls employees with the company filter of ADI.   we have need to add our legal representative to XINK who supports multiple mini companies but does not have the company filter of ADI.    

We can manually add this legal employee to XINK, however the DELETE EMPLOYEE box is checked and thus she is deleted when XINK /AAD integration occurs. 

We do not want to uncheck the DELETE EMPLOYEES box just for one person.  We realize checking the DELETE EMPLOYEES is best practice to keep XINK dB current with employees. 

we are asking for an option to NOT DELETE a manually added person



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  • We also have this need. Would it be possible to add a "protect from deletion" checkbox inside the record profile for these needs?

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