Allow user optional reply/forward signature option

We force all our users to have a standard new email signature but only some of our users want a forced or managed reply/forward signature.  Would be nice to have the ability within the Xink application to have the user choose an option if they want to use a company defined reply/forward signature option.

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  • Hi Elias,

    You can select Do Not Change for groups of users (via rules) and you can also set for individuals.

    Do Not Change means that the end-user select their reply/forward email signature.

    Does it meet your requirements?

    Thank you for a quick update
    Jesper Frier

  • I agree, this would be nice.

    Admins have the options to set individual preferences, but it would be much easier to allow users to control their own preferences. Especially if they change their mind.

  • Hi Dave -

    With my suggestion (see above), you provide the email signatures that the end users can choose (OPTIONAL), and you allow them to set their own NEW/REPLY.

    Will this work for you?


  • But don't they have to select it every time?

    I'm looking for an option that will provide an automatic reply signature for everyone except for a select few people that I want to be able to specify for themselves not to apply it.

  • They don't have to select every time.

    What the end user choose is preserved until they change it again.

    Companies use this setting when the Xink administrator wants to allow the end users to manage their new/reply email signatures.

    The best way to learn is to set (Do not change) for yourself.

    All good?

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