Apply Optional signatures as default new/reply signature on Outlook on the web

We only deploy Optional Sigantures to our users today, because many users have 2 different accounts in thier Outlook, because they also have mail in some customer domains.

So if we enforce sigantures on the users, it would also apply to the Customer email accounts we have.

But when we only use Optional Sigantures, then the Outlook on The Web API feature does not work, because Xink only stamp Signatures to Outlook on the Web, if the signature is applies Automatically in Default New/Reply.

It could be nice to be able to configure Xink in the Dashboard, to enforce a specific Signature to New and/or Reply signatures in Outlook on the web, and still only have Optional i the Desktop Outlook App.

Hope you understand, otherwise please contact me for an explanation

  • I can see that this problem also would apply to the reroute feature, so the above request would also aplly to reroute, to force optional signatures to reroute (Mobile Sigantures)

  • The Above would also apply to the Reroute Feature, to be able to set an Optional siganture as default for mobiles, but still only have optionals in Outlook

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