Feature Request - Randomising Campaigns


It would be amazing if the functionality of randomising campagins became available. Meaning you set up several variations of a campaign and have Xink automatically determine and use variation X, Y or Z. 

Because of the variation on the same campaign it would keep jumping out at receivers garnering more attention and a higher CTR. 

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  • I have a similar suggestion to allow rotating multiple campaign (let say 4 campaigns) and rotate weekly under a signature template.

  • HI there, I already posted the same idea to the xink-guys:

    "we really enjoy your product. What we furthermore would appreciate even more would be an option to define a set of campaings to be delivered randomly. Purpose is to send different marketing messages while communicating with the same people.

    That would be great."

    Random is king! ;)

  • We've implemented the random campaign features.

    You can create random campaigns based on date, time and day of the week - Enjoy! :)

    Learn more.

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