Implement Single Sign On (SSO)

Our company has clear information security policies and customer obligations to ensure that secure Single-Sign On is implemented for all internal applications. 

Our internal 3rd party application policy requires that all of our vendors support SSO through SAML2.0 or some other equivalent protocol.  

SSO is a critical and core security requirement for all organizations  in order for IT and Security teams to be able to effectively manage user accounts across dozens or hundreds of vendors. In the event that an employee leaves the company, it allows the IT team to immediately disable their access to all applications, rather than logging into 100 different user management portals. 

This is especially critical for services like Xink that have direct impact to user email.  If Xink wants to take security seriously, this is a critical feature that needs to be prioritized highly. 

If Xink is unable to implement this feature, we may not be able to renew our subscription at the end of our contract. 

We understand that MFA is supported, and we have that enforced, however that is not enough to satisfy our client and security policy requirements. 

In addition, support for SCIM provisioning alongside SAML2.0 would be the most ideal scenario. 

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  • I agree 100% CodeTwo and Exclaimer both support SSO with Azure AD, in todays remote work environment this is a must as we are working on expanding our zero trust initiatives. It does make other alternatives more attractive to us as a longer term partner

  • Thanks for your input and suggestions -

    We launched the BETA version of SSO using Open ID protocol:

    Please reach out to support@ to participate - Thanks.

  • A quick update from the Beta Test Team.

    So far, so good! 

    We received only positive feedback, and we expect to release SSO during April.

    If you are in a hurry, you can still join the BETA test by contacting support@ - Thanks.

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