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Chat Icon for "Free 1-on-1 Session"

This feature is great to have, but it gets in the way of designing when working on smaller screens. I cannot see the entire signature at once as this icon blocks my design. Need an option to close it out.

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  • Issue is on larger screens as well.  Cannot see all the code which creates a big issue when updating/creating signatures.

  • i reported it many months ago, but i ended up using Firefox with noscript addon and in noscript i just block the free 1-on-1 session ( part.

  • It's really annoying. I've complained about it before and told Xink about it but it still isn't fixed.

  • Agree that the placement of that icon is obtrusive when editing signature templates - especially in the source code. An option to close it out or move it to another area of the screen, would be helpful.

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