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IT Pro: Can we update email signatures without the Xink client?

YES, since there is no client, the email signature is applied when the email is send.

The mail flow is rerouted through one of our Azure servers when the signature is applied and routed back to your Office 365 tenant.
Your Office 365 tenant will send the emails (not Xink rerouting).

  • The recipient will see the email signature
  • The sender will not see the email signature as the email is composed

Generally rerouting emails in Azure is stable, but since rerouting adds to the complexity there is a low risk to consider when activating rerouting.

Email clients
Outlook on Windows
Fully server-side setting.

The default signature is added at the bottom.
The reply/forward signatures is added just above the 'divider'.
Outlook on Windows
Outlook on Mac
Mail on Mac
Outlook on the web (browser)
Mobile (iOS)
Mobile (Android)
Other email clients

What exactly is rerouting?

Does Xink rerouting only work with Office 365?

Yes rerouting only works with Office 365. You can install a similar solution on your own Exchange Server, but this is not rerouting, it is a HUB transport layer solution.

Do emails leave Xink Servers?

No. Rerouted emails stay in secure Xink Servers in Windows Azure. They never leave our environment and are passed back to the customer’s Office 365 account via TLS/SSL securely.

When is rerouting Needed?

You can use rerouting in many cases. Most commonly used scenario is use with smartphones and tablets. It supports all smartphone email apps and all email clients.

Is rerouting only for smartphones and tablets?

No. Rerouting is primarily used for smartphones and tablets. However, it can also be used as the whole email signature solution. Most customers use the Xink client because it enables end users to see the email signature as they compose their email.

Will client-side certificates remain?

No. When the email has been altered (by replacing the signature) then the certificate is not valid anymore.

Can we urgently stop rerouting?

Yes. Run the script with switch ‘-remove’. Or use the web console and 'Remove' connection.

Does it replace ALL occurrences of the text or only the first?

It replaces all occurrences of the default and reply/forward emails. 

Is global admin rights for Office 365 required for rerouting?

No. We do not ask for global admin rights. Only if you set it up via our web console, you are requested to enter your password but this is not saved and is only used to run our setup script on your behalf to make it easier.

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