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How to update OWA email signature (Exchange on prem)

Xink is ready for a company-wide OWA email signature management with Exchange Server on premises.

Quick overview

The OWA email signature is visible when composing the email. 

Default email signature is used when updating OWA email signature.

Xink updates the SQL settings database in your domain as a scheduled task (any Windows server within your network with the latest Service Pack applied). The SQL database stores the signatures to be deployed to OWA.

Another scheduled task updates the Mobile email signature on your Exchange Server.
The how-to KB article is found in Mobile section > Learn more.

Configuring OWA Signatures with Exchange Connector

This is where you configure signOWA.
signOWA is used for setting the signatures in OWA of your on-premise Exchange server.

You need to know the version of your Exchange server, whether it is using Forms Based Authentication or Windows Authentication, and if it is using SSL. You also need to put in the internal URL of OWA.

Check only the “Remove images in your Outlook Web signature” checkbox if you are having problems with images not showing in your OWA signatures. This happens on some Exchange servers due to a Microsoft bug.

Click “Save” to save your settings. 

Configuring signOWA.exe

Next step is to configure signOWA.
The job of signOWA is to set the signatures for each user on your Exchange Server.

Start by opening an administrator cmd prompt and run the following command:

signowa.exe -gui

This will open up the following form:

Enter the connection string for your eMailSignature Microsoft SQL Server database and enter the username, password, and domain for a domain user that has impersonation rights on all mail boxes on your Exchange Server.  SignOWA.exe will use those credentials to set the OWA signature for each mailbox.

When done click "Save settings" and close the form.  

To test signOWA run signOWA.exe with the -v switch (for verbose).

signowa.exe -v

When everything checks out OK, you should set up a scheduled task that runs signOWA.exe (without any switches) on a regular basis, for example every day at midnight.  Preferable, you should set signOWA.exe to run right after XinkExchangeConnector.exe runs.

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