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How to assign email signatures for shared and user mailboxes

As a Xink admin, you can assign special signatures to users with access to shared mailboxes and to users that have access to more than one user mailbox.

Shared Mailbox

A mailbox that's not primarily associated with a single user and is generally configured to allow login access for multiple users.

  • accounting@
  • support@

User Mailbox

A mailbox that's assigned to an individual user in your Exchange organization. It typically contains messages, calendar items, contacts, tasks, documents, and other important business data.


Method #1 - When the email is used only a few times

You set the shared signatures as optional and assign it to the users(s) - Either individually or via group setting (rules).

Then the user can select the optional signature by right-clicking the default (can also select in the Outlook menu).

Method #2 - When the email is used many times a day

You select 'Do not change' which means that the user can select his own default/reply and the Xink client will not overwrite.

How to set 'Do not change' individually in Employees menu:

How to set 'Do not change' for groups via rules:

Now the E-mail account settings are preserved when the Xink client updates:

Quick Demo  

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