Often we hear the question; “When I open up my email on my iPhone, I still see 'Sent from my iPhone'. Why doesn’t Xink add my email signature?" 

Well, it is quite easy to explain. The native email app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) does not support, or enable an update of the email signature from “outside” the system. 

This can only be done from within the device itself. It’s that simple. And Apple, Google and Microsoft are not likely to work together across their cloud platforms.   


This means that there is no other way to change the signature in the native email apps expect by doing it manually > Learn how to manually add HTML Email Signature to the native iPhone email app. And clearly, this method does not allow you to manage centrally and enforce your company style guide across all devices. 

But there is a solution… email rerouting!


How does the Xink Rerouting App solve this challenge?

This solution is an email rerouting option that can be used in addition to our other services. Once an email is sent, the soon-to-launch Xink Rerouting App will replace the signature with the signature you’ve allotted before it arrives in the recipient inbox. Click on the image below to see just how we’re doing that and then consider becoming one of our hand-selected beta testers in order to help make this most-wanted functionality a reality!

We understand that you want to be able to see the email signature when composing your email. This provides that option without any email rerouting.


In cases where it is not possible to see the email signature while composing your email (for the reasons explained above), you can reroute your emails through our regional servers. In doing so, you can ensure that your full branding initiatives are in place and visible, no matter which app you use or where you sent the email from. This Xink email rerouting app will work pretty much just out-of-the-box.

In this way, Xink enables you to:


  1. Let the user see the email signature while composing the email (when this is possible)
  2. Add the email signature while rerouting the email through Xink’s servers (in cases where the email signature is not visible). 

How to give users the option to see what they are sending


At Xink, we don’t want to force you to use a specific method. True, you can choose the email reroute option for all your emails if you wish. This will be extremely easy to set up and configure. 

However, you will still be stuck with the current email signatures people have – you will be able to add new ones, but you won’t be able to get rid of the existing signatures and users will not see the email signature when they compose their email. This might not be what you want.


Our recommended setup is to allow users to see what they are sending while using the Xink Reroute App to append an email signature when the email is sent from an iOS device. 

This way, you can give your users the option to see what they are sending.

Xink Email Reroute App Launching Soon!


We are in the late beta testing stage of email rerouting app Development and we have dedicated customers to help us test it to ensure maximum flexibility and functionality when we release it.


Click here and learn when we expect our Xink Email Reroute app to be launched

Due to heavy demand for this solution, we have chosen only to add a few more beta test customers so you have to be real quick. We start by supporting Office 365 customers only to begin with for the email rerouting app.


We can assure you that we will have a smooth and effective solution when we hit the “release” button!

Click here to join Beta program now