The app on Windows does not accept my password and the login form keeps popping up.




It is almost certain that you have not entered email correctly and/or the password. 
Try copy the password again and make sure that you have copied every character. Then paste into the password field and save it.

If it keeps popping up - or the app is unresponsive - try to exit the app:



Start the Xink Client App again by going back to the Windows Start and type '365' and you will now be able to start the app Again. It is called "eMailSignature 365".

 Click 'My Credentials' and re-enter your credentials.


If the 'My Credentials' menu item is greyed out it is because you are not supposed to enter your own credentials. The app is centrally deployed and no credentials are needed. If you have installed the app manually via the invitation email and it is still greyed out then try to reinstall the app (it is called eMailSignature 365 in add/remove Programs.)


If this still does not help, please contact our support.