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I see a red x instead of the image in Outlook

If you see a red x instead of the images in your signature then do the following:

Example of red x issue when composing the email in Outlook.


1. Keep Outlook open

2. Select your Xink app in the tray icon bar (lower right corner in the Windows desktop) or in your Menu:


3. Click 'Update Now'

4. Wait for the 2nd popup 'Email signatures Updated'.

5. Click 'new email' and you should now see the full signature.

6.If you still see a red x please restart Outlook and click 'new email' again.


If this does not resolve the issue then you should look further into the location of the images if you made reference to your own server in the template.


If you have followed the standard guides and just added the images into the signature by using the editor, then this step will work:

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